Fitness Coaching that Looks First at the Mind.

For the majority of us, our bodies work perfectly well. Our minds lead us to inactivity and weight gain. Christophe Adrien’s fitness coaching looks first at tackling the problem of the mind, utilizing the tenants of Dr. Carl Jung’s individuation and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to guide his clients on the path of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, Christophe and his clients create a sustainable way of life that promotes health, wellbeing, and meaningfulness.


Meet Christophe:

Christophe Adrien (pictured left with his wife Crystal) is a lifelong fitness enthusiast with a passion for helping others live happier, healthier lives. He holds a master’s degree from Oregon State University and is a certified personal trainer, fitness coach, and nutritionist through the International Sports Sciences Association.

Learn to have fun with fitness! (The honest way)

Part of building and maintaining motivation in fitness and nutrition is to learn how to enjoy the process. Christophe’s coaching includes teaching you tools to improve your mindset and learn to see challenges as opportunities, all while having fun doing it.

Personal Studio and In-Home Training

Christophe coaches clients in his own 500 square foot fitness studio located at his home in NE Bend. It’s a private atmosphere without the distractions (or the germs!) of larger gyms. Christophe makes teaching clients how to train at home with minimal equipment a priority.

What People Say

My wife and I signed up for Christophe’s fitness and nutrition program and were really impressed. Unlike other programs or fad diets, Christophe helped us set a sustainable foundation for our health. We looked forward to our training sessions every week and he was readily available to educate us throughout the week with any fitness or nutrition questions we had. I’d highly recommend his program to anyone who is tired of yo-yo diets or has struggled to find a plan of action that has worked for them in the past.

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Beyond One-on-One Coaching

If in-person one-on-one fitness and nutrition coaching isn’t your jam, check out some of the other things Christophe does to educate the public on health and fitness.

Online Coaching

Online coaching allows folks from all over the country to hire Christophe for fitness and nutrition coaching.

Classes and Seminars

Christophe conducts classes, seminars, and webinars about fitness and nutrition best practices. Check out his schedule.

Pre-Packaged Programs

Is the cost of one-on-one coaching a bit daunting? Start with a pre-packaged program to kickstart your journey.

Christophe also has a fitness book titled

American Hyde

A treatise on how to solve the obesity epidemic once and for all.